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Survey And Mapping Drones

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Drone based mapping services

Price: 22000 INR/Kilometer

The GPS technology installed in the drones creates a digital representation of the data collected. The cameras mounted on the top provide you with the perfect images. This in turn helps the professional surveyors to build and execute a great number deliverables on time for their client. Sending out teams to dangerous areas or terrains can be life-threatening. Hence, drones can be flown to scan difficult landscapes, dangerous environments and ice locations, thus creating a safer environment for all. It reduces costs by capturing data safely and faster When done physically and manually, a survey takes up lots of time. With drones you do it within a fraction of second. Since drones are constantly recording and scanning innumerable measurements, combining it with traditional data will yield accurate and precise data.

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Drone mapping for smart cities

Price: 45000 INR/Kilometer

The use of Drones has risen over the years since flying low enables you to get high-quality, precise and sharp images. This yields a collection of lots of high-quality data. As of now drones are being used for aerial inspection services, breathtaking photos and easing out many other complex tasks. For building a smart city, Drones have become one of the most important aspects from sanitizing public spaces, to delivering medical supplies, drones have been instrumental in taking up pandemic awareness measures as well as in various rescue missions. With Drone technology, it becomes possible to map vast areas quickly and within stipulated time. When used along with local intelligence, Drone technology can give accurate mapping, improve logistics, detailed data collection, in an efficient and timely manner, that helps to build up smart cities. Additionally, by adding geographical characteristics, Drones can help in the building and maintaining smart cities with the inclusion of graphical characteristics in the data mapping

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Drone based 3d mapping

Price: 22000 INR/Kilometer

Even though traditional methods are known to deliver accurate databases, with drones you get the best quality and highly accurate datas, that too within a fraction of time. This substantially reduces the workload of specialists working on the field, as well as the expenses of a site. For educated decisions to be taken one need to utilize these 3D drones to gain valuable insight during mapping. This makes the process sustainable and efficient as well as accurate. Thus, for many organizations, sectors and industries 3D mapping could be a huge help that helps in their sustainability. These drones come with photogrammetric software, hence the images captured by the UAVs are known to provide precise measurements, surveying without physically stepping foot on the land, and monitoring landscapes. Minimizing survey costs Reducing field time Providing exhaustive and accurate data Difficult and inaccessible areas are mapped

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Drone based lidar mapping

Price: 45000 INR/Kilometer

It is time to change your game plan of working things out in your organization. With UAV LiDAR mapping, you can get down to every minute detail, seeping through even foliage and brush. Used since the 1960s, it is the most accurate form to create models of digital elevation. Some forms can also be used to map terrain such as shallow lakes and riverbeds. The mapping technology uses laser light of multiple pulses to determine the distance between the object and sensor. The light pulses travel extraordinarily quickly, while the sensors use the amount of time that these pulses take to be bounced back to find out how far the object is. Used in conjunction with advanced technology, LiDAR uses software solutions to determine the type of object, in addition to just elevation. In addition to recording elevations, this technology can also be used to accurately identify things such as power lines, street lamps and even birds. They are also known to find out the difference between things such as one that is natural, or one that is man-made. This technology has found its uses in archeology, geology, agriculture, and even law enforcement.

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Topographic survey and mapping with drones

Price: 22000 INR/Kilometer

All you need is an updated technology which aims to change the entire working scenario of your organization. Drone technology has emerged as a common tool that aims to alter the scenario of topographic surveying. You get the detailed capture of the land, site maps, terrains, contour, and that too at much lesser time. With the Government in favor of drafting easy regulation for certification, it is now at everyones reach. The drones not only become affordable, but a survey that takes an hour and sometimes days are completed within an hour. The datas is there within 24 hours. The drone-captured data gives you a quick, easier and safe way to showcase digitized terrain models as well as aerial site maps.

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Soil erosion mapping

Price: 55000 INR/Kilometer

About 68.4% of total eroded soil gets affected by rainfall and water-driven erosion. Parts of Assam and Meghalaya are the most affected areas in India. This does not mean though that other parts of India are not vulnerable to rainfall-driven soil erosion. With changes in the climate, most parts of the country are witnessing extreme rainfall events. Hence the need for an accurate rainfall erosivity map. This will help the watershed managers to plan, prioritize and implement the required development activities to minimize soil erosion. Developmental activities such as plantations, drainage line treatments, continuous contour trenches etc

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Mapping And Surveying Drones

Price: 500000 - 1000000 INR/Piece

Hexa Copter UAV for mapping of crops, land, Building etc.


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